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Honor MagicOS 7 (Android 13) eligible devices [List]



Honor MagicOS 7 eligible devices

Today, Honor launched MagicOS 7 software for its devices probably based on Android 13 looks similar to the Huawei HarmonyOS operating system, in most aspects. To excite existing users, Honor also released MagicOS 7 eligible devices that we’ll explore.

With this launch, Honor officially renamed Magic UI mobile software to MagicOS, of which the last version was Magic UI 6.2.

Since it’s a new streamline, there are features that focus on connected smart devices as well as cross-device content sharing.

honor magicos 7

On other hand, there are features dedicated to AI-powered capabilities. The system enhancement with Turbo X system engine for performance improvement and Link Turbo network aggregation for fast network access.


Honor MagicOS 7 user interface also brings new changes including better app icon design, service widgets, Honor Sans font family, and smooth animations. There are also large folders to group your home screen app icons and access them instantly. All of these contributes for a better UI/UX experince.

honor magicos 7

Moreover, there is new handiness for Honor’s foldable device such as a smart keyboard split screen and typing support. Moreover, there is a new smart widget and task manager support added specially for foldable devices.

Furthermore, Honor promises better system security with the MagicGuard security center and Privacy assistance. Meanwhile, there is new anti-fraud and real-time malware app detection. These seem similar to what we’ve in HarmonyOS.

honor magicos 7

Below you can check all of the Honor MagicOS 7 (Android 13) eligible devices. Keep in mind that this list is based on Chinese models, and there could be a change in smartphones in the global market.


December 2022

  • Honor Magic V
  • Honor Magic3 Ultimate Edition
  • Honor Magic3 Pro
  • Honor Magic3
  • Honor V40

January 2023

  • Honor Magic4 Supreme Edition
  • Honor Magic4 Pro
  • Honor Magic4

February 2023

  • Honor 70 Pro+
  • Honor 70 Pro
  • Honor 70

March 2023

  • Honor 60 Pro
  • Honor 60
  • Honor 50 Pro
  • Honor 50

April 2023

  • Honor X40 GT

May 2023

  • Honor V40 Light Luxury Edition
  • Honor X40
  • Honor X30

(source – Honor)

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Honor 60, 50 Series and X40 GT starts MagicOS 7 (Android 13) beta test



Honor Magic 60 50 MagicOS 7

Honor has opened MagicOS 7 closed beta for Honor 60 and 50 and X40 GT smartphones in China and it will allow users to test the latest features before it goes public.

Honor MagicOS 7 comes with a set of new additions that improve the user experience of Honor devices. You need to open the My Honor app and then tap on early adopters to sign up for the latest beta activity.

Honor 60 and Honor 60 Pro with model LSA-AN00, TNA-AN00, and TNA-TN00 are required with MagicUI to participate in the MagicOS 7 activity.

Honor 60 MagicOS 7

Meanwhile, Honor 50 and 50 Pro with model number RNA-AN00 and RNA-TN00 requires to enter MagicOS 7 closed beta.


Honor 50 series MagicOS 7

It’s noted that there are 2000 slots to claim until February 6, 2023. During this period, users could receive the latest beta firmware via OTA. The latest beta firmware is available only for the Chinese models, while the global models running MagicUI, it is possible that the company send it over, once the beta test concludes.

Honor 60 MagicOS 7


  1. Make sure that the phone has more than 10GB of internal storage space, (Check the storage space via Settings -> Storage).
  2. Assure that your Honor phone is not ROOT.
  3. If you find a problem, you can give feedback in the following ways: Submit feedback through BetaClub (log version users), an update BetaClub to the latest version before you upgrade (via BetaClub > My > version update).
  4. It’s suggested that you make a backup of important data before installing the latest version.
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Honor inches closer to stable MagicOS 7 / Android 13



honor magicos 7

Honor is moving closer to a stable MagicOS 7 and Android 13 rollout, as it has opened public beta access for a number of Honor smartphones including the Magic 4 series, Magic 3 series, Magic V, and V40 series.

The public beta campaign will allow all Honor smartphone users to test the latest MagicOS 7/Android 13 features without slots limits. This would no longer restrict Huawei phone users to face restrictions.

Stable MagicOS 7/Android 13:

After a few rollouts, Honor will move towards a stable MagicOS 7/Android 13 release. Below you can check the eligible models:


New MagicOS 7 public beta testers need to first download the following Magic UI versions.

  • Magic 4 (LGE-AN00) Magic UI
  • Magic 4 Pro (LGE-AN10) Magic UI
  • Magic 4 Supreme Edition  (LGE-AN20) Magic UI
  • Magic 3 Supreme Edition  (ELZ-AN00) Magic UI
  • Magic 3 Pro  (LGE-AN10) Magic UI
  • Magic 3 Supreme Edition  (LGE-AN20) Magic UI
  • Honor Magic V (MGI-AN00) Magic UI
  • Honor V40 (YOK-AN10) Magic UI

stable honor magicos 7

Upgrade Notes:

Make sure that your phone matches the required software version to participate in the MagicOS 7 public beta activity. The sign-up only supports smartphones and tablets, and not PCs.

On the other hand, we suggest all of the phone users make a backup of important data before installing the latest beta build. Furthermore, The downloaded OTA package will delete automatically after a successful installation.


How to Sign Up:

New users, who want to participate in the public beta, eligible phone users need to open the My Honor app and tap on the system updates, and apply for the latest public beta application.


Currently, Honor has not announced the global release of the Android 13 software but it may come soon after.


MagicOS 7:

Honor Magic 7 brings a new smart user experience for smartphones including personalized OS features that include large folders, widgets, better animations, and improved system security. There are other crucial optimizations that provide a new user experience.

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Honor January 2023 Magic UI/Android security update details out



honor january 2023 magic ui details

Honor has published January 2023 Magic UI / Android security update bulletin for this month. The latest Android patches are related to Honor smartphones and bring the latest security improvements and fixes for various issues in the Magic UI.

This new patch will soon expand to Honor smartphones with the OTA upgrade method.

In November 2022, Honor launched MagicOS 7 based on Android 13. For now, the phone maker is testing this new software in China but global users may soon be able to participate in beta activity.

Magic OS 7 brings a number of new features to improve the user experience over the last version. There are major improvements made to the user interface, while there are tweaks made in the performance.


To be honest, this new Magic UI version is better than the last generation and supports foldable phones as well.

What’s fixed?

Honor January 2023 Magic UI security update fixes 21 CVEs of high level and 12 CVEs of moderate level. CVE stands for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. CVE is a glossary that classifies vulnerabilities.

Check the CVE codes below.



  • CVE-2022-2024; CVE-2022-20456; CVE-2022-20461; CVE-2022-20489; CVE-2022-20490; CVE-2022-20492; CVE-2022-20493; CVE-2022-20494; CVE-2022-23960; CVE-2022-33268; CVE-2023-20904; CVE-2023-20905; CVE-2023-20908; CVE-2023-20912; CVE-2023-20913; CVE-2023-20915; CVE-2023-20916; CVE-2023-20919; CVE-2023-20920; CVE-2023-20921; CVE-2023-20922


  • CVE-2022-0500; CVE-2022-1116; CVE-2022-1419; CVE-2022-20565; CVE-2022-20566; CVE-2022-20567; CVE-2022-20568; CVE-2022-20571; CVE-2022-20572; CVE-2022-30594; CVE-2022-34494; CVE-2022-34495


Honor January 2022 Magic UI security update bulletin reveals monthly and quarterly devices mentioned below. Note: Some of these devices are only available in China.


  • Honor Magic Series: Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition, Honor Magic Vs, Honor Magic4 Ultimate Edition, Honor Magic4 Pro, Honor Magic4, Honor Magic V, Honor Magic3 Ultimate Edition, Honor Magic3 Pro, Honor Magic3
  • Honor V series: Honor V40 light luxury version, Honor V40
  • Honor Digital Series: Honor 80 GT, Honor 80 Pro, Honor 80, Honor 70 Pro, Honor 70 Pro+, Honor 70, Honor 60 Pro, Honor 60, Honor 50 Pro, Honor 50


  • Honor Digital Series: Honor 80 SE, Honor 60 SE, Honor 50 SE
  • Honor X series: Honor X40 GT, Honor X40, Honor X40i, Honor X30, Honor X30 Max, Honor X30i, Honor X20, Honor X20 SE
  • Honor Play Series: Honor Play 40 Plus, Honor Play 30M, Honor Play 30, Honor Play 30 Plus, Honor Play 20 Pro, Honor Play 20
  • Honor Play Series: Honor Play6C, Honor Play6T Pro, Honor Play6T, Honor Play5 Active Edition, Honor Play5T Pro, Honor Play5, Honor Play5T, Honor Play5T Active Edition
  • Tablet Series: Honor Tablet V8 Pro, Honor Tablet X8, Honor Tablet 8, Honor Tablet 7, Honor Tablet V7 Pro, Honor Tablet V7, Honor Tablet Z3, Honor Tablet X7

Honor January 2023

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